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e-Pledge is the cornerstone of Andar/360's e-Community Suite of Modules. It allows nonprofit organizations to run online giving campaigns either for residential givers or corporate employees.

An Integrated Solution
Andar e-Pledge stands apart from most other online giving software by virtue of its security-controlled, direct, real-time link to the Andar Fundraising Software database. Most other products operate in a way that is not real-time and that requires periodic transfer of data between the web server and the donor management or fundraising database.epledge1.gif

The Andar e-Pledge solution, thanks to its advanced Java-based technology, does away with these problems, by linking the web pages directly to the single donor database. This means that new pledges entered via the web are immediately visible to the campaigners, both in the donor’s history and in the campaign summaries. It also means that the company’s Employee Campaign Co-ordinator (ECC) can view the status of their online giving workplace campaign, including all employee pledges, whether entered by the employee via the web, or, entered by personnel from paper pledge forms and other sources.

e-Pledge/CRM also supports residential fundraising campaigns through a "donate now" button. Additionally, donors or prospects could be sent an e-mail to invite them to your public web site where they could donate.

Administrators Can:

  • Customize the general content of the web pages: logo, mission statement, special text, etc.
  • Customize the appearance of the employee web pages: such as specify the company logo, select background color, or enter company specific text. This co-branding can differ by company branch office, location, department, or be set globally.
  • Upload employee data in the system and cause the system to automatically send employee sign-on information (ID and password) to each employee via e-mail.

Campaigners Can:

  • View up-to-the-minute campaign summaries and complete donor history.
  • Receive notification by e-mail whenever a donor enters a leadership pledge.

Employee Campaign Co-ordinators Can:

  • Print up-to-the-minute campaign management data, such as total pledged, number of donors, average gift, per capita gift, company defined goal, etc. for the current campaign as compared to previous campaigns, for each location and overall.
  • Print lists of employees who a) have pledged - whether through the web or via traditional paper pledge forms or via other means, b) have responded “no pledge this year” via the web or other means, and c) have not yet recorded a response.
  • Print detailed pledge history of any specific employee, but limited to pledges submitted through the campaign of this company only (i.e. no residential pledges or pledges submitted through other employers will be seen), thus ensuring donor privacy.
  • All reports are available in Adobe Acrobat or spreadsheet format.

Employee Donors Can:

  • Enter a pledge: Payroll, Credit Card, “Bill Me,” cash, check, or securities.
  • Enter a “no pledge this year” response. The system will record the fact that the employee has visited the web site but not pledged, and allows the ECC (and the Campaigner) to view a list of employees who have recorded some response whether they have given or not, versus those who have not recorded any response.
  • Enter designations from a campaign-specific list of agencies and Service Categories.
  • View pertinent information about any agency and link to their web site if available.
  • View the overall status of his/her company’s campaign both at the company level and at the location level. Perhaps view the campaign status of a rival company or of a rival location within the company.
  • Review his/her account anytime - including a list of the 100 most recent pledge transactions, including residential gifts and gifts pledged through previous employers.
  • For employers that don’t release employee lists to the fundraiser, the employee can register to create an account before proceeding to the online giving pages.

All of the above is made possible by Andar e-Pledge’s unique “Real-Time, Live Data” feature.

An Employee Campaign Exampleepledge2.gif

  1. Company supplies list of employees, including e-mail addresses. Andar Connector imports data into your Andar database.
  2. Andar sends an e-mail message containing a user ID and password to each employee.
  3. Employees log onto your web site and enter their pledges and designations - directly in your Andar donor database. These are immediately visible to campaign staff in your fundraising organization.
  4. The company’s Employee Campaign Coordinator monitors the progress of the campaign by accessing authorized data online.
  5. The employees’ payroll pledges are downloaded to the company’s payroll department, for payroll deductions processing.

Our customers say...

Our organization is extremely committed to having a relationship-oriented culture where accurate information, efficient processes and tailored communications create strong relationships that help us advance our mission. We’ve found Andar to be just the tool we need to accomplish this goal.

Keely Aggers
VP, Resource Development
United Way of Larimer County

Fort Collins, CO

Andar is a GREAT tool for our United Way. To me, it is very user friendly and performs more than adequately. I will say that users must get the training they need to use it to its fullest! One cannot even begin to know the power and options Andar offers if they do not receive training AND use the software regularly!

Myself, I am very pleased with Andar and recommend it to every United Way.

Sandra L. Taylor
Campaign Processing & Collections Manager

Metro United Way
Louisville, KY

"The United Way of Central Ohio switched to ANDAR in May of 2001 after approximately 8 years with FMS. This application was selected through an extensive review process that compared three major applications. Our decision was based on a number of factors, some of the most critical being the user-friendly design, integration of a web-based pledging component into the system, and very importantly, our previous experience and relationship with the vendor Helix and their key staff."

"...The entire Helix team is professional, reliable and very customer focused."

Edward C. Sabatino, Jr.
Chief Operating Officer
United Way of Central Ohio
Columbus, OH

We found our pot of gold [Andar] at the end of our Rainbow.

Terri Buordolone
Manager, Donor and Financial Services
United Way of Burlington & Greater Hamilton
Hamilton, Ontario

Using dashboards, we are able to simplify the interfaces our staff work with. We have found them so useful, that for the first time our Community Impact, Marketing and Executive departments have all requested Andar as a tool to help manage their work. From tracking communications to managing cross-departmental workflows, the flexibility of Andar dashboards are improving our ability to collaborate.

Carol A. Frye
Chief Operating Officer
United Way of the Columbia-Willamette
Portland, OR

"ANDAR is a complete and thorough application; is user friendly; provides clear and concise reporting of all levels of the campaign... I have spent many years looking for the "right" campaign software and I know that our choice of ANDAR was the right one."

" applications are only as good as the support a user can access. Suffice it to say that the support we have received from Helix has been extraordinary! At every juncture of our usage, we have felt very comfortable calling Helix and getting a very receptive person on the other end." "...planning and converting our data went well and we were impressed with the thoroughness of the conversion. The employees of Helix have been a pleasure to work with."

Gail M. Garceau
United Way of Greater Manchester
Manchester, NH

“I have to admit that I was very worried about the conversion from Rainbow but Helix made it seem a lot less stressful. The process went very smooth and to top it off we were ready to go live on our goal date.”

Dallas Smith
United Way of Allegheny County
Pittsburgh, PA

I have been working with Andar for almost 7 years. Over that time, we’ve purchased additional modules—we now have eCommunity, i-Attend, MIG, and e-Volunteer—in order to increase our CRM and reduce the amount of importing/exporting of files between Andar and other software systems. The ability to apply your existing Andar knowledge to setting up and using new modules is a HUGE plus. All of that integration has also allowed us to improve our back-office efficiency and on-demand reporting of incoming pledges, payments, volunteer activity and other aspects of our work with donors, workplace companies, agencies, and volunteers. I’ve found Andar to be a very deep and rich product where you can use as much or as little functionality as your organization needs or wants.

And if that wasn’t enough, they have the best tech support I’ve ever experienced! I have worked in the software industry for much of my career with many types of database applications. The staff that supports, trains, and develops this product is truly exceptional. I would definitely rate them an “10” for being tops in willingness to help with even the simplest question, patience, professionalism, and an eagerness to solve your problem as quickly as possible. And their online, searchable database and Andar User’s Group make it even easier when you want to look for the answer yourself. They are the definitely the best in support.

Deb Cooper
Info and Data Management
United Way of Coastal Fairfield County

"Conversion was awesome, outstanding! I felt like I was the only customer, even though I knew that I wasn't."

David Colvin
Director of Information Technology Solutions
Heart of America United Way
Kansas City, MO

Andar/360 is the most complete CRM system designed for United Ways that I have encountered in the last twelve years. Other software solutions contain some of the functionality you get with Andar but to manage your entire operation, you need the tools and flexibility only Andar provides. As United Ways change from fundraising organizations to focus on CRM to make an impact in the community and engage our constituents, there isn't a better system on the market than Andar/360.

Wayne Meadows
United Way IT Collaborative (UWITC)

"One of our staff commented that he had been personally involved in 5 previous software conversions, and this was 'by far the smoothest conversion I've ever seen.' What most impressed us however, is the customer service."

Al Ruhe
MIS Director
United Way of the Greater Dayton Area
Dayton, OH

"...The one thing I always tell people when they ask my opinion of Helix is that you can't get better service anywhere."

Kathleen K. Jewell, CPA
Vice President, Finance
Tulsa Area United Way
Tulsa, OK

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Office Closed

Our offices will be closed on Friday, April 3rd for a holiday. The Help Desk will remain open but technical support will not be available. 

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